We are offering 2 courses with data structures and algorithms.

1. Data Structures and Algorithms for interviews

Data Structures and Algorithms for interviews course at our training institute requires prior knowledge from students on Data Structures and Algorithms. This training targets top MNC interviews. This Training would be very useful for in and off campus placements for students from IITs, NITs, BITs, IIITs, Universities and other top engineering students. Here we are going to discuss and write the solutions.

For course details click here : Data Structures and Algorithms for interviews


Demo VIdeo

2 Data Structures for academics

This course on data structures targets the concepts and implementation in the lab.  This requires prior knowledge on C/JAVA.

For course details click here  Data Structures with LAB



Trainer Details: 

Trainer Name          : Mr. Sree

Qualification            : M.Tech(CSE), IIT Roorkee

Experience              : Software professional with 16 yrs experience in Data                                                                      structures/C/C++/JAVA/Python/PERL/UNIX/MPI(parallel programming).

Meet the trainer in the institute at 6-9 PM

Data Structures for interviews Reviews from google
4 months ago
Hello ,
I am a Sap consultant and took this course to enhance my data structure and algorithm skills to face technical interviews.
I found the online class engaging and interactive and instructor knowledegable and open to suggestions and each problem is explianed in detail and it is implemented by the instructor.
I would recommend taking this course if you are looking to sharpen your algorithm and data structure skills.

Saurav Sharma

11 months ago

I am working in USA from last 6 years in top MNCs in Product Development.I am preparing for google and amazon now.So I start taking these classes which helped me a lot.

Training material is really Good for getting selected into big MNCs like Google , Amazon etc along with good conceptual knowledge. Teacher is proficient in Interview questions related to data structure and algorithms.especially the collection of questions we do here in class are good standard and have been asked previously in companies

Sarath Sundar

a year ago
I visited many institutes to lean data structures for interviews. All of them are teaching DS at very basic level. I finally reached the right place ( Algorithm Class at KPHB ) and learnt interview oriented DS. I got enough confidence to attend product based MNC interviews. Thanks Algorithm Class for giving me great confidence.
Shreyas Bakre
11 months ago
its very good coaching for cracking top MNC’s which strengthens your algorithm concepts
a week ago
Hi, My name is Hemanth .Im from Nit calicut, btech 3 rd year,eee.First of all,im glad I attended Data structures course under sri hari sir guidance.we gained well knowledge in data structures for interviews in MNC companies.Hope to do well in our placements!!!

Kakani Lokesh

a week ago
Hi ,i am lokesh from nit calicu, b.tech 3rd yr eee.I have attend data structures and algorithms in algorithm class. He explains in simple way and easy to under stand. Now , i got confidence to attend interviews for mnc’s .Thanku you sir ,for giving me great confidance.

Pranit Kothari

in the last week

I am Pranit Kothari having 6 years experience in IT, mostly C++. I found sir’s class really useful. We try to implement algorithms throughout the class.

Algorithms are not just important for interviews but they built up logic for programming. Sir’s explanation and way he involves people in through discussion is very useful and important to learn algorithm.

I find my problem solving skills much improved after taking class.


Gautam Reddy

6 months ago
I have attended for data structures training for my exams .. he explains in simple way and easy to understand. It really helped me in my preparation of my exams.
Response from the owner4 months ago