ASP .Net MVC Training in Hyderabad

ASP.Net MVC Training 

Duration : 50 hrs


Course Content


sub topic
MVC Request Life Cycle
o ASP.NET Request-Response Architecture
o MVC Request Life Cycle WebForms & MVC
 Application life Cycle
 HTTPModules
 Controllers
 Action Selectors
 Filters
MVC History
o MVC Framework
o History
o MVC Design Pattern
o ASP.NET MVC Folder Structure
MVC Forms
o MVC Form Extension
MVC Controllers
o Controllers
o Helper Methods
o Controller with read/write actions
o Form Collection
MVC Project Templates
o Templates in ASP.NET MVC
MVC Action Result Methods
o Action Method
o Action Result
o Types of Action Results
 ViewResult
 PartialViewResult
 FileResult
 ContentResult
 EmptyResult
 JsonResult
 JavascriptResult
 RedirectResult
 RedirectToRouteResult
 MVC Action Verbs
o Action Selectors
o ActionName
o ActionVerbs
 MVC Data Annotations
o Data Annotations for Model validation
o Types of Data Annotation Attributes
o Custom Data Annotations
 Razor View Engine Syntax
o Types of Block Statements in Razor
o Conditional Statements
o For Loop in ASP.NET MVC Razor View Engine
o Foreach Loop
o Multi-Statement Code Block
o If-else condition
 HTML Helpers
o Different Types of HTML Helpers
 Inline HTML Helpers
 Built-In Helpers
 Standard HTML Helpers
 Strongly Typed HTML Helpers
 Templated HTML Helpers
 Layouts in MVC
 Partial Views in MVC
o HTML.Partial
o HTML.RenderPartial
o Load Partial Views using JQuery Ajax
Model Binding
Action Filters
o Types of Filters
 Authentication
 Authorization
 Action
 Result
 Exception
 MVC Hyperlinks
 Entity Framework in MVC
o    EF Database First
o   EF Code First
o   MVC Repository Pattern
o   Scaffolding in MVC
 MVC State Management
o TempData
o ViewBag
o ViewData
 MVC Routing
 MVC Areas
 MVC Security
o Authentication
o Authorization
 21  MVC Deployment