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Algorithm Class is one of the best  .Net Online Training institutes in Hyderabad.

Algorithm Training Institute is one of the Best Dot Net Training Institutes in Hyderabad, As the trainers are highly qualified with 15+ years of real-time IT experience. The .Net Training in Hyderabad consists of more programming rather than theory. 

Dot Net Training in Hyderabad at Algorithm Class Training Institute covers topics from beginner level to advanced level. It is one of the Best .Net Training Institutes in Hyderabad.

Finally, by the end of Dot Net Course in Hyderabad, you can be confident with Technology. Due to our trainers, practical sessions, and 1-1 care we are better than other .Nrt Training in Hyderabad Gachibowli, .Net Training in KPHB, Dot Net Training Institutes in Hderabad KPHB, Dot Net Training in Kukatpally, .Net Training Institutes in Ameerpet, Dot Net Training Institutes in Hyderabad

Duration: 45hrs

Time : 8am or 9.30am or 6.30 pm and 7.30 pm

Mode : class room/online

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Trainer Details:

Trainer Name          : Mr. Prakash
Qualification            : B.Tech(CSE)
Experience              : Software professional with 12 yrs experience in Dot Net/C#/ASP/MVC/C/C++/JAVA/Python.

.Net Course Contents (60 Hrs)

  1. C# Language

    • Characteristics of Object Oriented language

    • Introduction to .Net Framework

    • Components of .Net Framework

    • Advantages of the .Net Framework

    • Using Visual Studio IDE

    • Introduction to C#

    • Keywords

    • Data types

    • Variables

    • Control statements

    • Classes & Objects

    • Access Specifiers in C#

    • Types of Parameters

    • Arrays in C#

    • Collections in C#

    • Polymorphism

      • Compile time polymorphism

      • Runtime polymorphism

    • Exception Handling

    • File Streams in C#

    • Multi Threading

    • Delegates & Events

  1. Windows Forms Applications in C#.Net (GUI)
    • Introduction to Graphical User Interface

    • Event Driven Programming

    • Common Controls in C#

      1. Button, Label, TextBox, MaskedTextBox

      2. Radio Button, ComboBox, CheckBox

      3. Rich TextBox, LinkLabel etc.

      4. Containers in C#

      5. Panel, GroupBox, Flowlayout panel, TableLayout Panel etc.

      6. Components in C#

      7. Timer, Process, ErrorProvider,Help Provider, Background Worker etc.

      8. Menus in C#

      9. MenuStrip, ContextMenuStrip,StatusStrip etc.

      10. Creating Windows Apps using C# like Notepad,Run Command,Media Player, KBC App with Timer etc.

  1. ADO .NET

    • Intro to Ado .Net

    • Connecting to Different RDBMS like SQL Server, Oracle, Access etc

    • Connected and Dis-Connected Architectures

    • Working with ADO .Net Objects

    • SqlCommand Object

    • SqlDataReader Object

    • SqlDataAdapter Object

    • DataSet

    • DataView

    • DataTable

    • DataRow and DataColumn

    • CRUD operations using ADO .net Objects

  1. ASP .Net

    • Client side vs Server side Scripting

    • Introduction to Web Server & Deployment

    • Introduction to ASP .Net

    • Asp .Net vs JSP and ASP .net vs PHP etc.

    • Creating WebForms in ASP .Net

    • Working with Controls (Server side and Client side)

    • Creating controls from Source View (HTML view)

    • Validation Controls in ASP .Net

    • State Management in ASP .Net

    • Client side and Server side State Management

      1. ViewState, QueryString, Cookies, Caching, Sessions and Application Objects.

    • ADO .Net in ASP .Net

      1. Data binding in ASP .Net

      2. ADO .Net Objects Revisited

      3. Bound Controls in ASP .Net

        1. GridView

        2. DataList

        3. Repeater etc.

    • Introduction to XML

    • Creating XML file

    • Viewing XML contents in Gridview

    • Configuration Files in ASP .Net

    • Creating and consuming Web Services in ASP .Net