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 Cloud Computing Training in Hyderabad

Open Stack Cloud Computing is the most emerging technology in these days. It has started in the year 2006 for offering best IT Infrastructure services to the clients. All the services are providing in the form of web services that is called as cloud computing. It enhances the business performance with low variable costs. It delivers the results in the fast methods.

What are the pre-requisites for this Course?

It will be added an advantage if the candidates have knowledge in the given concepts

  • Knowledge in the distributed systems

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Course Content

S.NO Topic sub topic
1. Understanding Cloud  and  OpenStack

 Basics of virtualization,

Relationship between Virtualization & cloud,

Introduction to cloud and cloud models,

Introduction to OpenStack and OpenStack services,

Preparing your environment for lab sessions.

2. Keystone (OpenStack authentication system) OpenStack Identity, Users, Credentials, Tokens, Identity Management,Service Catalog,Role Based Access Control (RBAC), Keystone Internal Architecture, oken Validation – API,Setting up Keystone as a part of the Controller node.(Lab)
3. Nova (OpenStack Compute Service) OpenStack Compute Service Architecture
Nova internals,
KVM based Architecture,
Instances, Images usage,
Setting up the Nova node. (Lab)
4. Cinder (OpenStack Block service) A deep dive into OpenStack,
Cinder Internals, Cinder backends,
Installation of Cinder,     (Lab)
Manage troubleshoot Cinder. (Lab)
5. Glance (OpenStack Image Service)  OpenStack Glance Architecture,
Glance internals, Image conversions to qcow2,
Installation of Glance,
Glance deployment on Controller node,   (Lab)
Best practices on Glance store backend,
Image uploads and downloads.            (Lab)
6. Neutron (OpenStack Neutron Service) Deep-dive on the OpenStack Neutron Architecture,
ML2, ML3 plugins,
Installation of Neutron, (Lab)
Network creation,        (Lab)
router creation,         (Lab)
Core Neutron plugins and network configuration.
7. Horizon (OpenStack Dashboard service) Introduction to Horizon,
Installation of Horizon,
GUI walkthrough.
8. Heat (OpenStack Orchestration service Deep-dive on OpenStack Heat Architecture Heat agents,
Write Heat templates,
Installation of Heat service, (Lab)
Integrate heat templates to automate instance launches.
9. Swift (OpenStacks Object Storage)

Installation of Swift, Swift rings, image locations, component based uploads, Replication,

Integrate Swift with Glance to use as an image store.

10. OpenStack Operators Guide ( ***Very Important for day-to-day Openstack operations) Real-time problem resolutions,
Real-time operations of OpenStack environment,
Bug/Issue trackings,
Troubleshooting scenarios and resolutions.


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