Do you provide online classes too?

Yes. We do provide online training


What is the size of class ?

At most 5 members in a batch


Do you have any weekend batches?



Does the trainer has any real-time experience?

Yes. He is highly qualified (M.Tech , CSE, IIT Roorkee) with nearly 15 years of experience from top MNCs in various technologies.


When can I visit the institute to meet the trainer?

You can walk in to the institute between 9.30 am and 7pm (Monday to Saturday ). Inform us through SMS or contact form before you reach the institute.


How can we contact you? We are unable to reach you on phone.

Please prefer to reach us through either contact form or SMS or mail. We may not pick your call always. But surely we will get back to you through SMS or mail.


What are the possible time slots for the training?

9.30am or 6.30 pm and 7.30pm (Monday to Friday)


Do you provide any training other than Python, Django and DSA?

We teach C,C++ and Java.


Do you cover Data Science or any other technology as part of Python training?

First, Python is just another programming language, where as data science is a technology.  Using python we can do write structured programming, OOPS and scripting. Python is preferred over other languages like C etc in data science etc technologies due to the availability of respective libraries (modules) .  With the use of those modules we can write our programs easily comparing to other languages. Here we are concentrating on Python programming….not on any other technology.  We give introduction to few modules


Do you cover all modules in Python completely?

As of now, we have nearly 150000+ modules in Python. Nobody can Learn all these modules in his life time. We should be confident with python programming. So that we can fit in any domain. After that it is just matter of applying your programming skills with respective modules.


Should I learn any specific modules like Django etc after completing Python Programming?

It completely depends on your interest and requirement. But to attend any interview, be confident with python programming …it could be structured programming or  OOPS  or scripting and automation.  That is more than sufficient.


Do you provide any certificate for the course?

Certificate will not add any value to you, unless you are getting the certificate from the product owner like PL/SQL certificate from Oracle Corp, AWS certificate from Amazon after clearing the respective exams conducted by the authorized firms. For programming languages, no one look at your certificate purely depends on your programming skills only. Hence we are not providing any certificate here.


Do you provide any placements?

We are not providing any placements. We can forward your cv to the consultancies who contact us for any suitable requirements.

one word we can say “we can make you comfortable with programming”

“Be confident with programming , you can crack top MNC interviews” .